Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy describes how Tact collects, uses and discloses information, and what choices you have with respect to the information.

Information we collect

Your name. You must identify yourself with a name to use the app. It does not have to be your real name: it can be your first name, nickname, alias, pseudonym, or however you wish to be identified on Tact. You can change your name at any time.

Your picture (optional). Next to your name, you can choose to have a picture, which other Tact users will see along with your name. Having a picture on Tact is completely optional. You can change or remove your picture at any time.

Your chats, messages, pictures, and files. The main purpose of Tact is to chat and exchange pictures and files with other users. You will create chats on Tact, join chats created by others, and post in those chats.

Data about how you use Tact (optional). Tact prompts you to share data about how you use the app. This does not include any private data, but might include things like how often you open the app, what buttons you tap and such. This is completely optional and does not affect your Tact usage in any way.

Your usage of our web site. When you visit our website at, we analyze your visits with a privacy-friendly analytics service. The service does not place any cookies on your device, and does not store any personal information.

Your submissions to our public community site. When you choose to participate in our community site at, you can submit bug reports, discussions, and respond to info submitted by others. All the info on the site is public, so please be considerate of what you share.

Any info you privately send us by e-mail or 1:1 chats. You may sometimes send us, the Tact staff, info or bug reports about Tact, which may include private information.

How we use information

The most important fact beyond any single specific use of information is that Tact does not use, examine, data-mine, sell, or resell your chat content in any way. We are in the business of providing you software, not in the business of mining your data.

Here are our specific uses of information.

Provide you access to your chats, messages, pictures, and files. This is the main use of Tact. Your content is stored in Apple iCloud, and travels straight from your devices to iCloud. It is available only to other members of the same chat. We as Tact staff or any other party do not have access to this data.

Deliver you push notifications. Tact operates a small server that delivers Apple push notifications to your devices. Tact apps send messages to this server. To know who to deliver notifications to, we store membership info of chats. All Tact users are identified with opaque salted+hashed iCloud user identifiers (long string of numbers and letters, not your e-mail, phone or any other private info). We have no way of connecting these identifiers to actual users. The notification server does not store any message content: it only transforms the content in memory, and then sends it to Apple push notification servers.

Understand how you use Tact, to make it better. If you choose to share your Tact app usage data with us, we may analyze it to understand how you use Tact, and what changes we could make to improve the user experience.

Understand your web usage. We use data from web analytics to inform the development of our web presence.

Understand aggregate Tact usage. We aggregate summarized data from all our sources (app usage data, chat membership counts from the notification server, and web analytics) to understand high-level Tact usage and trends.

Interact with you and provide support in public. When you participate in our public community site or social media, we may provide public info and commentary about the info that you have published.

Interact with you and provide support in private. When you contact us privately by Tact chat, e-mail or any other channel, we will use the info that you transmit to us to provide private info, commentary and support.

How we share and disclose information

Public community site and social media. The info that you share on our public community site and social media is public by nature, and visible to the world. Please consider this when participating in these channels.

Chat content is shared with members of the chat. When you post messages, pictures or files in a chat, these are shared with all members of the chat. When new people join the chat, they can see all the past content.

Chat membership. Tact has three kinds of chats: 1:1, private groups and joinable groups.

  • In 1:1 chats, there are only two members. You can share your invitation link to allow others to start 1:1 chats with you.

  • In private group chats, only owners can add and remove members. Members can also leave by themselves.

  • Chat owners may create public links to join chats and thus convert a chat from private group to joinable group. Chat joining links allow any iCloud user to use the link to join a chat.


Tact takes security of data very seriously. Tact works hard to protect information you provide from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access or disclosure. These steps take into account the sensitivity of the Information we collect, process and store, and the current state of technology.

Data processors

Tact uses external services and companies to deliver parts of our product and surrounding services. We list them here.

Apple and iCloud. iCloud is the main backend for Tact. All your chats and their content are stored in iCloud. We as Tact staff do not have any access to this information: it is available only to you on your devices.

Fathom Analytics. We use Fathom for privacy-friendly web analytics.

TelemetryDeck. We use TelemetryDeck for privacy-friendly app usage data analysis.

GitHub. We use GitHub to deliver the Tact community site.

Contacting tact

Please contact us at with any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy.

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