Also available

for iPad and iPhone.

for Mac and iPhone.

for iPad and Mac.

Easy to start

No sign up, no account. Get the app, share a link, or connect to people nearby — that’s it — you’re done. You can be whoever you want: all we ask for is a name. Your info is stored with Apple (iCloud Drive required).

People who matter

Tact is great for couples, families and groups of friends. Chat and share simple everyday matters, important or funny — the conversations in Tact are effortless, expressive, and embracing for everyone.


On purpose. We have no public directory — you decide who you want to create conversations and chat with. We keep you away from random, unwanted connections. Only talk to the people who matter to you.

Powerful and snappy

DMs or groups. Links with previews. Emoji, Markdown. Edits, emotes, and reactions. Full quality photos and movies. It’s all there. Tact feels at home on your iPhone, iPad or Mac — because it was built for it.

None of our business

Tact is based on your iCloud account. You don’t need to share a thing with us, the team building it. We will never ask for your phone number or contacts. We will never see your chats, or who you talk to.

Zero. Zip. Zilch.

Try it first. If you like it, you pay. That’s how we work. No ads, data harvesting or growth hacks. If something feels off, you can always export your content and leave. No questions asked — this is on us.

Three chats for free.
Subscribe for more.

To get started, you can create or join three chats for free. All of Tact’s features will work. If you need more chats, you can subscribe to Tact for €3.99/month.

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