First update

December 9, 2022

Jaanus Kase

We released an update to Tact on both iOS and macOS, which contains some fixes and changes.

iCloud Drive clarification

When you’re not signed in to iCloud, Tact instructs you to do so. The same screen is shown if you’re signed in, but haven’t enabled iCloud Drive. There is now additional language to also tell you about iCloud Drive.

The iCloud Drive requirement comes from the Apple system, and is unfortunately beyond our control. It’s a bit confusing to the users, because Tact is not actually storing anything in your iCloud Drive by itself. We think that apps like Tact that use iCloud, somehow use the technical system that is also used by iCloud Drive, but it could be better managed. We hope Apple improves this part of the user experience in their future platform versions.

Unknown error when connecting

The version of Tact that released to App Store contained an unfortunate bug. When you set your name and picture in Tact, and then immediately opened someone else’s invitation link to connect with them, Tact would show you “Unknown error”.

The bug happened only on the first app launch. It didn’t happen when you restarted the app with the same user.

We did two fixes. First, we identified and fixed the root cause, which was something in the way Tact speaks with iCloud. Second, we added technical information to help us diagnose future errors. Should this or something similar happen in the future, then instead of “Unknown error” you will be able to open the details of the error and report them to us, which helps to diagnose and fix the bugs more quickly.

App runtime environment

To those switching between TestFlight and App Store versions, Tact now reports which environment it is running in. See how it says “App Store” next to the version number. TestFlight version would say “TestFlight” there.

Our public bug tracker and discussion area

This is a good time to remind you that we have a public bug tracker and discussion area. The “Unknown error“ bug was reported there.

Feel free to report any future bugs to our bug tracker, and share new ideas and any thoughts about Tact in the discussion area.

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